The Secrets to Successful Remodeling!

Everyone wants to know the secret to SUCCESS. And, since you are already reading this, I bet you are interested in the secret to successful remodeling!

It is really quite basic. There are a few key steps one must take before taking on their own project. Whether it be with the assistance of a design professional, or your own “do it yourself” project, there are a few basic elements to every project:

  • Vision
  • Objective
  • Prioritize & Budgetize
  • Plan
  • Schedule
  1. Capture the “vision” you have, save magazine clippings, take photos of everything, and anything that you like. It could be the “color” in a room, the style of a window, the texture of the floor or fabric. Save that “Vision”!
  2. Decide what your “objectives” are. Do you want to use your space for one function? IE. home office, or children’s play room. Do you want to have a multi-functional space? IE. den / office.
  3. Prioritize your goals and budget. What are the most important features that you seek from your new project? If you are a gourmet cook, your cooking center is probably very important to you. You might want that to be the priority in your new kitchen project, and you might want to consider spending a larger portion of your budget on that key element.
  4. Organize and plan. Do your homework. Plan your selections carefully. Most important Plan your Budget and set aside your funds. Plan for a 15 to 20% cushion for the dreaded “unexpected”. Because you should expect it!
  5. Schedule! Your project’s success depends on it! It is critical that all phases of your project are scheduled in advance. That includes getting materials on time, and lining up your contractors. This is not to be taken lightly. And, with all due respect to the “do it yourselfers”, should be left to a professional Project Manager.