Spring Cleaning!

The spring air is blowing in – which means it’s time to clean the house out. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean just rolling up your sleeves and shampooing those carpets. Spring cleaning can be a time to reevaluate the space in which you live. Maybe you received a vase as a gift that is now in your living room, or grandma passed down a dresser that you couldn’t pass up, or your friend was moving and you couldn’t stand to see her throw away that beautiful ottoman. Whatever the reason may be, we seem to acquire bits and pieces of furniture and accessories and before we know it we have a house that doesn’t fit our personality. Well the time is here to spring clean your home and your life. Before you get out those kitchen gloves, start by assessing what you want your home to look and feel like. If you are a busy couple with kids, your home probably looks more like a children’s playhouse than a relaxing haven for 30-somethings.

At first this task may seem too much to handle. But with the help of an interior designer, you can find your voice and get your home aligned with your personality. While your kids may play in every room of your home, it’s important to have rooms that feel adult too. Easier said than done! That’s a great reason why an outside, objective point of view can be helpful. A few simple steps such as decluttering and organizing can make a huge difference. Then think about how certain paint colors make you feel –  if a relaxed, slouchy couch fits your mood more than a sleek, modern one – or if a patterned rug distracts more than it adds.

Just remember, spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean just dishes and dust – it can also be about refreshing your house to feel like your home.