Small Spaces

Making the Most of a Small Space
If you sometimes feel like the walls of your home are closing in on you, you’re not alone. Almost everyone wishes they had more space. However, it’s really not how much space you have that matters, but how well you use it. There are many things you can do to make a small space work for you; here I’ll share just a few I have found successful:

  • A Place for Everything – We talked about decluttering in the last blog. This is particularly important in a small space; everything in the room needs to be something that you enjoy and should also be functional. Every item that comes into your home should have its place. Install organization systems that will make it easy to keep it this way.
  • Keep It Simple – Keep the décor and furnishings simple. A streamlined, organized room can create the illusion of having more space. Choose items that serve more than one purpose such as ottomans that double as storage or a couch that also serves as a bed for guests.
  • Reflect – Using mirrors can give the illusion of more space. This works especially well if you have a beautiful view that you would like to reflect – just set the mirrors up on the wall opposite.
  • Lighten Things Up – A room that is well-lit looks larger. Minimize the window coverings to let more light in. Look into lighting options to determine which would best brighten the room. Also, clean any windows often so that more light comes in and your view is not blocked.
  • Take A Chance – Don’t be afraid to use large, significant art pieces and bold color – they can make more of an impact. A bold color on the wall or a large, beautiful piece of art delivers the “WOW” factor, and can make your small space “spacious”!
  • Appreciate -Look at your small space for what it is. A cozy, organized space where you have everything you need without all of the added clutter and maintenance that you may get with a larger space!