The Sheer Beauty Of Clean And Simple Design

We all have heard the saying that sometimes less is more, and if you are someone who loves the minimalist look, which has become popular recently, then you will certainly want to talk to your interior designer about incorporating a clean and straightforward design philosophy into your home.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this style is a quick and easy to plan and create, as nothing could be further from the truth. The clean and simple design revolve around beautiful straight lines, curves and certain materials such as glass, metal, and chrome, which all blend to give you that perfect showcase look. Almost like a good magician an interior designer has to work and plan intensely to give the appearance of a simple design. You can see a few examples of clean design here.

The Basics Of Clean and Simple Design

The concept behind a clean design is to rid your space of clutter, and then to create clean visual lines, that give you the impression of space, and also makes cleaning and maintaining your home a lot easier. You need to be disciplined and not add little ornaments or other items, which will spoil the look and ethos of what you set out to accomplish.

Think Furniture

When you decide to go, minimalist, your designer has to take everything into consideration including the furniture. You need sleek, modern furniture, that adds to the effect and blends in naturally. This can streamline your options somewhat, but a great designer will be able to pull this off, and when the furniture blends in properly with the room, the look is just stunning.

Think of Bold And Modern Pictures

There is nothing haphazard about clean and simple design. Everything is meticulously planned, so rather than little ornaments placed wherever you want, even the floor coverings or the rugs need to be pleasing to the eye, and blend in with the room design.

Color Choices Can Be Somewhat Limited

The only real negative about clean and simple design is that many designers stick to black or white with contrasting colors. To keep up the appearance and theme of clean and simple, you cannot have many different shades and in most cases, two colors per room work best, with one of those being neutral. Don’t let this put you off because again this is an all-embracing lifestyle choice and when done well; it looks simply stunning. 

Is Clean And Simple Design For You?

There are many benefits to clean and simple design, but it would be wrong not to mention the pitfalls as well. Sharp, clean edges, reduced storage, and the importance of keeping the rooms immaculate may mean that this style is less suited to a young family. That being said, if you have your heart set on a clean and simple design, then a good designer can and will come up with appropriate child-friendly furniture and can make it work. For the young and affluent business person, it is very popular in modern apartments where the design creates an illusion of space, and the room can look a lot brighter than other styles.

Clean and simple design done correctly looks amazing, you only need to look at some of the magazine pictures, but it is not an easy style to pull off properly and is best left to the professionals.