Keep It Simple

There are three words to keep in mind when undertaking any design project – big or small – “Keep It Simple.” It may sound cliché, but when creating your ideal space, less truly is more. In past blogs we talked about de-cluttering and finding YOUR style. The next step is to bring things in a clean, simple way that will include everything you want/need and nothing that you don’t. Here are a few tips for creating a simple, idyllic space:

  • Scheme a Theme: what do you want your space to “say?” What is your style? Choose one style per space and make sure that it flows with the themes of other rooms in the house. This may be done in various ways – maybe you have the same type of flooring, color scheme or window treatments in all the rooms that tie them together.
  • Keep It Clean: when you have an uncluttered space, everything in it has more of an impact. Treasured objects have more significance in an uncluttered space. A piece that might get lost in a more cluttered space is suddenly a masterpiece or conversation starter.
  • Consistency is Key: use colors, patterns and styles that complement each other. This does not mean things have to “match”, but should be harmonious.
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: in other words, it’s always good to have a focal point. This can be anything about the room that you love and want to build the rest of the room around – a fireplace, a great window, a painting, a group of photographs, etc. Be creative – there are no rules on what the focal point has to be. Choosing one will help you with all of the other steps of keeping it simple.