Certified Residential Decorator in Northbrook

Refind Interiors are experts in helping with the decor in homes, condominiums, apartments, and businesses. We often feature artistic, polished and coordinated looks that will leave visitors in awe from the inside and out. We are a team of professionally trained experts that work with clients achieve aesthetically pleasing spaces either indoors or outdoors.

Our designs are created through the use of various products and materials.  These include furniture, art, decorations, color, window treatments, lighting, flooring, and more. Our firm works in close collaboration with our clients to achieve a highly satisfactory look.  We understand how to introduce their visions while maintaining the dreams and desires of their customers.

We have the experience to decorate rooms in a mansion, rooms in a modest home, an outdoor patio, a hotel lobby, a casino, conference rooms, and on and on.  There is no limit to what we can do to either residential or commercial spaces, large or small.  We also specialize in certain designs, such as “green” design that tries to incorporate looks that are useful for or beneficial to the environment.  A specialty in “ergonomic” design, created to assist with proper posture, particularly for commercial clients, is sometimes necessary.

While many firms only specialize in one area, we have the ability to work in any environment. For example, a restaurant owner looking to create a stylish space could use our firm as we have worked exclusively with a team that specializes in restaurant design. Furthermore, our abilities don’t stop there. Whether you own a home or a yacht, we can help you no matter what.

As experts, we have a natural love for design. We have a gift of creativity, imagination and artistic ability that are necessary to be an interior designer. We can take a space and plan it visually while also being thoroughly knowledgeable about the products and materials that would work in that space. Furthermore, building codes, health and safety issues, and other technical matters are things that we are aware of when working with clients.

The ability to communicate and work with customers, which include strong interpersonal skills is one of our strong skill sets.  We also have the willingness to work with a clients’ schedule. This is why we believe time management skills are essential.  We understand that many of our customers have deadlines, and we can work with these considerations with ease.


  • Plumbing Advice
  • Living Room Renovation
  • Purchasing
  • Installation – Delivery & Placement
  • 3D Modeling
  • Home Analysis – Determine space available
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Window treatment
  • Flooring Consultation
  • Art Consultation/Selection
  • Furniture/Room Staging
  • Dining Room Decor
  • Color Scheming
  • Budgeting