Certified Residential Decorators in Lake Forest

Our forte is creating decidedly efficient and practical interior spaces, but the conception of any design must have you and your lifestyle in mind. If you want to create engaging individual rooms for yourself or others, we have the ability to add the wow factor. If you have in mind the intimate personal space or the exaggerated lively ‘sit up and look at me’ room that invites curvaceous smiles, then we can get your creative inspiration flowing.

It’s all about how you experience your personal space and to us, that is as vital as the air we breathe. How you feel in any room in your home governs your emotional outlook, so it is important to talk about your preferences as well as your budget. It is here you can connect with our firm who can help with your project and together, we can transform your personal world. We’re here to save you time and a lot of effort while at the same time ensuring the brands, products, and prices are already at hand.

We Understand Savings Are Important

Because we are aware some of our clients will insist that we use products already present in their home, we’re able to pursue excellence in design. We hear what you say, and as we familiarize ourselves with what you desire, we are also equipped to source savings anywhere we can. It may sound odd that hiring a design firm like ours can save you money but when you invest in expertise you’ve got the professional assistance to help you to avoid costly mistakes. And your expenditure in all facets of an interior make-over can increase the value of your home.

Your Home – Your Investment

You are about to invest in your biggest asset, and you want to be able to showcase it. We’re here to offer our services as a professional, caring team who believes that hiring an interior decorator is a wise and sensible choice. After all, your home is your pride, and it reflects on us to provide the very best products and the very best service we can from the moment we meet with you to the time you celebrate your ‘new’ home,

Are You Selling Your Home?

We are professionals with trained eyes. We’ll tell you whether your space needs a little or a lot of attention according to your preferences which we keep in mind. We’ll also advise you on what to retain and what to omit when you’re selling your home, giving more of an illusion of space and fresh air. We’ll offer ideas that will give your sale more speed so that you can get on with the rest of your life in your new home.

Our knowledge and mastery provide us with the leading edge to work with you to craft practical interior solutions that add taste and panache to your living spaces, and we take pride in our work which is the reflection we carry of years of experience.

We can turn the pages of your visual story and tell it through our work – through results that will give you endless hours of enjoyment.


  • Budgeting
  • 3D Modeling
  • Living Room Renovation
  • Home Analysis – Determine space available
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Dining Room Decor
  • Color Scheming
  • Installation – Delivery & Placement
  • Art Consultation/Selection
  • Plumbing Advice
  • Window treatment
  • Furniture/Room Staging
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Flooring Consultation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Purchasing