Interior Design Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive – Get Creative

There is a popular train of thought that to undertake any significant home improvement project is always going to be an expensive exercise. This is why I always strain to understand your interior design budget. It is certainly possible to spend large sums of money buying fancy accouterments, and other custom made pieces, but with a little thought and inspiration, you can achieve fantastic results for a fraction of the price. It could even be argued that if you use some of the ideas detailed below you will get a greater sense of self-accomplishment and save money.

Four Simple and Cost Effective Interior Design Ideas


In the modern era of smartphones and Kindles, people are buying fewer books, but books can add a certain decorum and focal point to any room. If you have an unused fireplace, or shelf wrap some of your old books in crisp, clean paper, and stack them creatively inside the fireplace, or on the shelf. Depending on the look you are aiming for, you could either go with white paper on everything or mix it up to create a colorful center-piece. If you already have the books at home, then the cost of this new center-piece will only be a few sheets of paper.


Many couples have a special song that means a lot to both partners; perhaps it is your wedding song for instance. If you have a plain wall somewhere, an excellent idea would be to write the words of that song in either your personal handwriting or by using a unique calligraphic font. This will provide a perfect centerpiece, which will spark conversation amongst visitors while remaining deeply personal to your family.


Creating memories is a lot of fun, and paramount for a family. Why not arrange a fun nature trip for the household, to the beach of the forest, and give every member the task of finding something special on the journey to bring back with them. Once back at home, design a collage or display commemorating your trip. Seashells, Rocks and other pieces of nature can look beautiful if displayed correctly, and in turn, those pieces will help the memory of your fun family trip last much longer.

Declutter and Rearrange

One of the biggest myths about interior design is that you always have to add things to the room, to change the look and feel. If you take a step back and look at any room in your home with a critical eye, you will be surprised at how many excess items are taking up space and making the room feel cluttered. Invest some time and be decisive in your decisions, if there are things in the room that don’t add anything to the look, and are only taking up space then get rid of them. Once you have completed this task, which can be very therapeutic, evaluate the furniture, and consider changing the seating plan. You will be shocked at how different any room can look, once it has been decluttered, and rearranged. What’s more, the total cost of this interior renovation is precisely zero.

The above ideas are both simple and inexpensive to execute but can change the look and feel of your home. There are dozens of ways to achieve change, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. With people becoming more environmentally friendly, these ideas are not only inexpensive but make use of items you already own. We hope that some of these ideas have struck a chord and will encourage you to make some quick, easy and hopefully personal changes in your home. If you need any help with executing some of these ideas, please click here to contact us.