Function Can Be Fashionable – It Just Requires Some Thought

Many people are of the opinion that when it comes to interior design, fashion and function are mutually exclusive. This is not true, and provided you think things through and plan ahead of time function can be fashionable.

When it comes to designing your home, it stands to reason that every choice you make has an element of fashion involved in the selection. After all, you are hardly likely to buy a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit your aesthetic taste.


The light in a room is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make, regarding the design of your home. Each room will have different requirements, depending on its use, but just as importantly as the ambiance and style, you want to give for the place. In normal circumstances, you would expect the bathroom and the kitchen to require the brightest listing conditions, with the living room allowing a greater choice.

You could, for instance, go for a bright light which hangs from the ceiling, but if you wanted to change the style or ambiance of the room, you could maybe choose some freestanding up lights or install dimmers. Let’s face it every light is functional, but you can certainly make some fashion statements and style choices by carefully selecting your lighting options.

Shelving and Storage– There are a lot of different types and styles of a shelf and storage pieces, from freestanding to wall types. Shelves and storage pieces can make a fashion statement on their own, while apparently adding a significant amount of functionality in the process. Original and innovatively designed pieces can be fashionable and very functional.

Heating Choices – Perhaps the biggest choice you can make when it comes to fashion and function in your home is the heating systems. There are some simply stunning electrical fire places available on the market today. These can provide a beautiful romantic ambiance as well as generating heat for your living room. Even radiators offer you plenty of choices as there are many freestanding radiators in every design or shape you could want. By putting some thought into your decisions you and your designer can make some fashion statements even with something as functional as a heating system.

Color Choices – Color is always an essential ingredient of a fashion choice, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot have a bearing on function. Many people like to make their kitchen a bright yellow color to get them motivated and feeling great first thing in the morning. Soft greens and blues are comforting, and invite quiet time in a bedroom.

Red has been shown to have a large effect on people’s emotions, and so it would be a good idea to make use of it as an accent wall, instead of painting and entire room red.

The Kitchen – Perhaps the best way to demonstrate that function can be fashionable is in the kitchen. As fashion has changed and developed over the years, so have the designs of kitchens. They have incorporated lots of storage while adding innovation and design in the process. When a party takes place in a home, most people seem to congregate in or around the kitchen, and so the choices you make for your kitchen style will be seen by everyone. The right selection of a kitchen will demonstrate your personal style and taste while providing storage and efficiency within the kitchen.

As you can see, fashion can certainly be functional and vice versa. As with anything regarding fashion you need to decide on and plan your individual rooms and how they from one to the other. Provided you do things right you can have the best of both worlds, a fully functional home, at the height of fashion.

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