Finding YOUR Style

Before redoing a room, or the whole house, it’s most advantageous to determine the style that suits you best. This is very important as it is a place where you’ll be spending a lot of time and you need it to be a place you enjoy. You don’t want to decorate a room based solely on trends. Trends come and go – your personal style will last much longer.

Some of you might be thinking…well, what IS my style? You might know what you like when you see it but you aren’t sure how to define it. To find your style (or maybe to just better define it), and how it can be brought out in your home, it’s always helpful to do some research. My suggestions:

  • Look through magazines and cut out pictures of rooms, furniture, finishings and materials that catch your eye.
  • Experiment with color. Go to your local home improvement store and pick up paint swatches that you like. Take them home and think about how much you like each one, which ones would work best in your space and how different colors might make you feel.
  • Go window shopping. Visit some of your favorite home stores and make note of things you like. Make sketches of these items when you get home.
  • Look at the things you already have, even items that aren’t part of a room, like your clothes, your jewelry, a favorite, bowl, etc. What do these items say about you? How could you create a room based on one of these items as inspiration?
  • Start a folder of all of the things you have collected and use it as inspiration. With all of the things you love in one place your style will be right at your fingertips! This is a great time to work with a design consultant – they can help guide you on how to turn your home into a reflection of your stylish self!