Defining Your Style

Whether traditional, classic, or contemporary, there is a unique style that defines every one of us. But where is it, and how do we create it?

Our style is within each of our unique personalities and our lifestyle preferences. Not all of us are capable of pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together. So, as an experienced, professional designer, my job is to help you identify the style within. Ask yourself the same questions I do when meeting a client for the first time:

  1. How would you like to utilize your space?  i.e.: Do you entertain friends at home? Do you love to cook? Do you need a space to work from home?
  2. What are your favorite colors?
  3. What type of lighting do you need and want?
  4. Is your family still growing?
  5. How much time would you like to spend in your home?

These are just some of the criteria to ponder while defining your style.

STYLE  can be expressed in many ways. During the next few weeks I am going to help you rediscover your style, and make it work for you in your home.