De-cluttering is a powerful, yet inexpensive way to make changes in your home. – it can even save or make you money. Good design begins with “editing” – keeping what you want/can use and getting rid of the rest. Editing allows the pieces you really love to shine or establishes a clean slate on which to build the room of your dreams. An added benefit is the sense of balance, organization and calm you will get from a simplified, clutter-free space.

  • Start by honestly analyzing every item in one room of your house. Do you use it? Is it meaningful? Does it reflect the style you want for the room?
  • Separate all of the room’s contents into 3 categories – Yes (everything you want to keep in the room), No (everything you want to give away, throw away or sell), and Maybe (everything you may want to keep in the room or may want to use elsewhere in your home)
  • Once you have analyzed everything in the room (or in the house!), its time to remove all of the items in the “No” category. This is where you might make some cash (that you can use to decorate your newly de-cluttered room or house!). Sell the items at a garage sale, through a classified ad or online. You could also choose to donate them to a charity (which is a tax deduction) or recycle them!
  • Carefully bring items from the “Yes” category back into the room. You may realize that some items that you already have elsewhere in your home would work better in this space. In the new, organized space, some of the things you already have may take on new meaning, and look better than they did before.
  • Now that your space is free of clutter it will be it be easier to evaluate. This is the perfect time to consider color, scale and lighting. Having a clean space will enable you to make better decisions, experiment with paint, furnishings and accessories. And, of course, it is a great time to decide what improvements you would still like to make and set your budget accordingly.
  • Finally, the most important part of de-cluttering? Keeping it up! Be very judicious about what you bring into your home – make sure that everything is something that would fall into the “Yes” category.