Many people often ask where I get my creativity from or how I am inspired for each room. That is an easy question to answer. It is from my client – the homeowner. I take a look at their space and a million ideas instantly race through my mind. But it is not until I sit down and listen to the person who lives in that space each and every day, do I come to my conclusion as to how that space should look and feel. My clients talk to me about their lifestyle, what they are looking for practically and logistically, and whether the prefer blues or greens. I gather all of this information and present them with options. Who doesn’t like options! From that initial collaboration and ongoing dialogue, together with my client, I create spaces that transform the ordinary into something extraordinary – whatever that means for you.

My client was looking for a fresh approach to his existing space. Through our conversations I learned he loved the original concept but wanted to bring his look to 2010. We stayed with the same color scheme but just made some modern updates. Extraordinary for this client meant subtle changes.