Create the Perfect Home Office without Overspending

Here are five tips to make your space productive without spending a fortune.

  1. Set your priorities as to how you want your space to function: Will your space be a guest bedroom that doubles as an office? An office that turns into a den? Or will it be an office exclusively?
  2. Plan your space carefully and pick a focal piece to build your space around: Measure the room, measure the furniture you plan to use, measure all openings (windows, doors, etc.). Pick a favorite piece of art, or furniture to build your space around.
  3. Create a user-friendly environment: Choose seating that is ergonomically comfortable; if your space also serves as a guest bedroom, make sure the sleeping option is comfortable; if it’s a den, provide space for relaxing, audio visual equipment in addition to your work area.
  4. Put in the right lighting: Make sure you have ambient, task and general lighting to cover all your brightness needs.
  5. Bargain hunt in unexpected places: Don’t hesitate to use favorite pieces you already own! Surround yourself with objects that are meaningful to you, be it books, pieces of art, or mementos. Select a favorite item from another room and bring it into your work space.

Working from home will be most productive when you operate in a space that reflects your taste and values. Enjoy the fact that you are no longer subjected to the dubious tastes of corporate culture.