Bringing The Outdoors In – How To Design Mother Nature Into Your Home

While we’ve covered how to find your style, I doubt if many interior designers would admit this publicly, but for all our skills and talent, Mother Nature is far superior when it comes to creativity, design, and beauty. Man made options just cannot compete, but while that may be true, there is no reason why we can’t steal ideas and concepts from the expert and utilize those to enhance our beautiful homes. This post will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration in how best to bring the outside in. As Chicago Interior Designers, we sometimes forget the beauty that nature can bring into a home. We’re surrounded by skyscrapers all the time, and nature is overlooked.

Encourage Natural Light To Become A Regular Visitor

For all of our technological advancements, there is nothing as beautiful as pure natural light. Any designer will always tell you that the more natural light that enters your home, the nicer the ambiance will be. Think about your curtains, ensure they cover as little of your windows as possible, don’t place furniture in front of windows to block out the light, and if privacy is an issue, consider the use of sheer or translucent window treatments, which will let in the majority of the light while providing the privacy you require.

Let In Fresh Air

I love to be wrapped up indoors and watch the rain falling, to embrace the smells of nature, and enjoy my sense of smell. Have you ever walked into a stuffy room, that hasn’t benefited from fresh air in a few days? Throw your windows open; the fresh air will be in most cases, smell beautiful and will brighten up your mood and leave you feeling fresh and energetic once again.

Embrace The Colors Of Nature In Your Decorating Choices

When most people hear this, they immediately think of earthy brown colors, but nature is so much more than that. A great blue can replicate the sky, a pleasant yellow in the kitchen can remind you of a warm sunny day, and of course, green is the color of recycling and rejuvenation. Paired with the right natural and ambient light, a crisp white room with appropriate naturally contrasting colors can produce great reactions from visitors.

Make Use Of Natural Materials

One of the best-kept secrets of interior design is that sometimes the little additions can make the biggest differences. With careful thought, a lot can be achieved with a small budget. A glass bottle filled with sand, for instance, is not high in cost, but can look beautiful, and a large seashell from the beach never goes out of fashion.

Use Natural Wood For Flooring Rather Than Man Made Alternatives

Perhaps this is an obvious suggestion, but one that can be overlooked for that very reason. Natural wood flooring looks, and feels fantastic, and if your aim is to bring the outdoors in, then this is the perfect solution.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to bring the outside in, varying in cost from free to however much you want to spend. With a little bit of thought and planning, it is relatively easy to bring the outdoors into your home. We offer a wide variety of service,s which can be seen here, that can help you achieve any look and design that you desire. Call (773) 348-7796 for a complementary consultation and find out how we can transform your living space.